culture, working with indigenous wisdom keepers.


    as humble students of the earth.


    all natural, earth based medicines.


    in service & giving back to people, planet & spirit.


    means the whole family, all are welcome here.

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We guide people to places they have never been, yet where we all belong.

Authentic retreats.

We create experiences where you connect with authentic indigenous ceremonies, learn from sacred altars, and their individual tools and medicines.

We have a family of medicine people and elders which we work with to support you to build full spectrum health, strength and connection.

Activate the inner healer.

We help you discover your own map of awareness. We don't pedestal ourselves and we focus on education. Supporting you to get to know and understand yourself, so you become your own teacher, healer and friend.

We share practical and accessible tools which help in practicing balance in life, whilst strengthening your connection and relationship with everything; Self, environment, spirit and community.

Access nature's medicines at home.

Throughout our years of travelling and learning from many teachers and cultures, we have selected and share plant medicines which have helped us personally and which we have used to help thousands of our people in their daily lives.

All of our products are GENUINELY (no greenwash) consciously sourced, and the best quality we find.

What lights us up is sharing these medicines with the cultural stories and knowledge that has been passed to us and now finds new life in your homes, hands and hearts.

Hear what people are saying about their experiences...

  • Ceremony Retreats

    We offer 1, 4 and 7 day retreats where we come together as a family to learn, shed and transform. In the UK we host in Glastonbury, London and Northamptonshire. For our Plant Medicine Retreats we host with indigenous elders in Mexico and Peru.

  • Private Services

    We are often booked directly to attend retreats, festivals, events or create a private retreat experience for a group such as birthday celebrations, weddings, corporate events.

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  • Healing Programmes

    Our bespoke healing programmes are in response to your unique situation and needs. We usually arrive here if you have a chronic condition, ongoing psychological challenges or feel stuck in a loop.

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  • Online Learning

    We offer free online learning through our pages here.

    Also we will be sharing short courses online were you can become more familiar with shamanic tools, the basics and how to start to connect at home for your own life and to share with your family.

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