About Root of the Gods

A community project preserving and reviving sacred wisdom.

The home of the Natural Pharmacy for all of the family. Consciously providing ancestral medicines, retreats and experiences from the roots of;

Mexico, Peru, Colombia & Brazil.

Shared with honour by Ahau Samuel & Robyn Leonie.


We are Ahau & Robyn, we're teammates, partners and explorers. We love and work together on our mission of supporting healthy, strong and connected communities through creating spaces, sharing tools and re-fertilising ancestral knowledge.

Working alongside indigenous wisdom keepers, creating programmes and experiences wherein cultural teachings can be honoured, shared and guided in their growth and integration.

Together we weave, study & create step by step, as humble students of the earth.


Ahau is a Mexican Medicine Man, Temazcalero and Member of The Camino Rojo Foundation who has been working with Traditional Medicines for over 11 years through his ceremonies, workshops and guidance. Living fully in his life purpose of being of service to humanity. 

Robyn Leonie is an Explorer, Creator & Facilitator. Dedicating her life to bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern life. Robyn has traveled the world studying the roots of our cultures and learning how they guide our human experience.
As part of the McKenna Academy team & trained in Psychedelic Integration by ICEERS - Robyn embodies a bridge between the ancient and modern life.


    culture, working with indigenous wisdom keepers.


    as humble students of the earth.


    all natural, earth based knowledge, medicines and tools.


    in service & giving back to people, planet & spirit.


    means ALL the family - all are welcome here.

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