Somerset Community Sweatlodge w' 42 Acres

27th July

Temazcal Sweatlodge: Ceremony, connection and communion with the earth and community at the wonderful 42 Acres Regenerative Retreat Centre

Time & Location

27th July 2024, 14:00 – 18:00

42 Acres, Holt Road, Witham Friary, Frome BA11 5HL

About the event

The first of our Summer Sweatlodge Series with 42 Acres Regenerative Retreat Centre. If you haven't been to this land before, you will not regret it! It's a deeply connecting space full of wisdom and wonder.

A type of sweatlodge, a Temazcal is an ancient purification ceremony; for relieving stress, cleansing toxins from the body, releasing negativity and revitalising life force. It is especially beneficial for your immune system, balancing mind, body and spirit. of the natural elements help us to open and cleanse. As a key part of indigenous medicine, it has been used widely for thousands of years for the treatment & prevention of disease, stress, weight loss, depression, skin conditions, fibromyalgia & much more..

What can you expect?

Built directly on the earth, the sweat lodge is a covered dome structure that represents the ‘Womb of the Earth’ as its energy is distinctly nurturing, bringing us closer to our Panchamama. Large volcanic rocks are heated on an open fire outside and are then brought into the sweatlodge, placed inside a natural bowl in the centre & doused with water and herbs - creating hot, wet steam. The medicinal steam and the power of the natural elements help us to open and cleanse.

Afterwards you are are free to explore 173 acres of agri-wilding estate and nature reserve and swim in our 7-acre lake (at your own risk)

Want to Stay Over?

As with all our experiences, upon booking you'll receive a 20% discount code for use if you would like to stay overnight (the day before or night of your experience). A little gift from 42 Acres to help support workshop participants to extend & enrich their stay on the land. Your voucher is redeemable at: Our Rooms (

Terms & Conditions:

Declaration from guests : *Requirement of all attending guests

Please note:

We cannot allow dogs on this experience.

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