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Hapé / Rapé - Mind Medicine 10gr

Hapé / Rapé - Mind Medicine 10gr

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Origin: Brazil

    We have a close relationship with our Brazilian friends from the Amazonian communities in order to support them and their families.

    The best rapé made in the world, made by hand and with the same recipes as the Brazilian ancestors have worked with for thousands of years. You can ask any Shaman and the Brazilian rapé will always be the best.


    • In total we have 8 types.
    • This rapé is an ancestral medicine of the Brazilian communities.
    • Helps to clean the sinus systems.
    • Deworm and cleanse the stomach. 
    • Relax excessive thinking, calms the mind. 
    • Eliminate headaches. 
    • Decalcify the pineal gland.
    • Open the 3rd eye.
    • Gives a state of focus, clarity
    • Healthy breathing

    How to use it: 

    • With your rapé and your Kuripe/Self-applicator. 
    • Open your bottle of rapé and put a little 5 pence piece size in your hand.
    • You scoop half of that amount with the long part of your Kuripe pipe. 
    • Take deep breaths and set your intention.
    • Then you put the short end in your mouth, insert the long end into one of your nostrils and blow gently but powerfully, so that the rapé reaches as deep as possible. 
    • It will be felt around the back of the neck and ears. That means a good application. 
    • Then take a deep breath, massage your head and blow your nose.
    • Relax, meditate, rest or continue your day.


    Ground Hapé & Amazonian Ash Plant Blends


    • Jurema (Strong):

    It works as a high-energy cleaner, clears thinking, vision and sensitises hearing. Very good for focusing and creating.

    • Parika (Strong):

    Parika ash is made from the burning of the wood of the Shizolobium amazonicum species. It is used to cleanse the stomach chakra and mental elevation during the process that it is acting.

    • Chacrona (Strong):

    This mixture is made from chacrona leaf powder added to mulateiro and tobacco ashes. The Katukina and Shawandawa tribe make these mixtures. It is very energetic, you can feel the aroma of life. Very appropriate for medicine wheels and ceremonies, it gives us a feeling of liberation and purpose. This medicine helps us align with our higher self and at the same time lands very well.

    • Mulateiro (Strong):

    Provides relief from the tensions accumulated in the cerebral lobes, bringing relaxation to the body and mind.

    • Cumaru (Strong):

    It is very grounded and has the ability to put the user into deep trance states. 

    • Ayahuasca (Medium): 

    A powerful expander, enabling more creative vision, grounded expansion of the heart and uplifted effects.

    • Tsunu (Medium):

    Helps migraine, flu, sinusitis, rhinitis, poor digestion, constipation and fever.

    • Bobinsana (Soft/Medium):

    A beautiful gentle healer, working its way to whichever part of your body needs it in a light, playful and grounding way. 

    • Murici (Soft/Medium):

    Acts strongly in the physical center, cleaning and reorganising the energies that accumulate in the lower abdomen. It is very effective in physical healing work.

    • Yawanawa (Soft/Medium): This Hapé is the "Força Feminina", feminine force, from the ashes of the mulungu tree and the very strong Mói tobacco. This medicine comes from the Yawanawá community and provides great power of cleansing, healing and protection. Yawanawa Hapé is one of the most popular, well-known and famous due to the growing production of this medicine and its dissemination through international meetings in the Yawanawa territory and spiritual and medicinal retreats held in other countries. The native Yawanawa women make this blend.
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