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Kambo & Hapé Ceremony

Kambo & Hapé Ceremony

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Kambô is a medicine that works on the physical and energy bodies, revitalising and rejuvenating our systems. Kambo is a secretion delicately taken from a giant docile Amazonian tree frog. Applied to the skins lower dermis layer this activates the natural cleansing, detoxing and re-balancing engines of the body, removing toxicity and nourishing us with life force and vitality.

Hapé is an ancestral medicine of the Amazon Jungle, used to clear your mind, and bring peace and clarity. The ceremony also involves shamanic drumming, singing and meditation, to drop from the mind into the body.
When used after Kambo we finish the cleanse with a Hapé serving to encourage any final cleanings to come out and to clear the head and any mucus which has formed during the Kambo ceremony.

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