Manchester Community Day: 10th August

A cultural day for all of the community to enjoy ancestral spiritual exercises, celebration, healing and learning!
How our ancestors came together, to remember how to be human.

A day where we come together, with all of our senses, to be with our
air, earth, waters and our sacred grandfather fire.

Our first ever Manchester retreat day in beautiful Lancaster, just outside Manchester, hosted by the wonderful 'The Rewilding'. With a special family feast to round up the day.

Looking for a day of togetherness, ceremony, community connection and collective play? You're in the right place.
Bring your kids, bring your nan, bring a date, it's open to all, let's get together and feeeeel alright!!

*low/no income spaces available, please book a call here
*kids below 12yrs come free, but please make sure you book a space for them using the ticket link below

Saturday 10th August

The Rewilding @ Patty's Barn, The Salt Marsh, Hillam Ln, Lancaster LA2 0DY

10:00: Arrival & Opening Ceremony
10:30: Embodied Breathwork
12:30: Hapé Ceremony
14:00: Temazcal Sweatlodge
17:00: Food & Fire Circle

How much?
Earlybird Day Ticket £135
Full Price Day Ticket £150
Sweatlodge Only Ticket £65

How do I book?
Booking link HERE or at the bottom of the page.

  • What is a Embodied Breathwork?

    A ceremonial workshop connecting you to your own breath, body and roots.
    Integrating Robyn's training in Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, she merges this with her experience in other realms, expanded states and rooting practices.
    This hour is to give you a chance to have a big sigh and get you back in your body and ready for the day.
  • What is Hapé?

    Hapé is an ancestral medicine of the Amazon Jungle applied via the nose.
    Hapé is used to silence the busy mind and bring peace and clarity, dropping into the body. It can be used to help you focus on activities - traditionally used before hunting.
    Used for a variety of physical imbalances such as sinusitis, allergies, asthma,
    fever, parasites as it cleans the body especially the nasal passages and stomach.
  • What is a Temazcal Sweatlodge?

    A type of Sweatlodge, a Temazcal is a purification ceremony; for relieving stress, cleansing toxins
    from the body, releasing negativity and revitalising life force. Especially beneficial for your
    immune system & balancing mind, body & spirit. As a key part of indigenous medicine, it has been used widely for
    thousands of years for the treatment & prevention of disease, stress, weight loss, depression, skin
    conditions, fibromyalgia & more.. The dome itself represents the ‘Womb of
    the Earth’
    as its energy is distinctly nurturing, bringing us closer to our Mother Earth.
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