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Root of the Gods

Solstice Bundle: Nature's Pharmacy

Solstice Bundle: Nature's Pharmacy

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Ooh this is everything you need in a bundle to take care of yourself, your health and your family. These 5 items will help you clean your body, mind and spirit - 100% from the natural powers of our Mama nature! Sourced with care for people and planet. 

Sananga Eye Drops: Cleansing your vision, inner and outer sight, bringing you clarity in your life in all forms. Brilliant for eye infections or sight issues, or when you are feeling foggy or lost in your path. 
1 drop in each eye with the eye closed, then blink and breathe, it is normal to feel a strong burning sensation, this will subside in a few moments.

Dragon's Blood: Has been called the 'spiderman juice' - this magic resin can heal over open wounds and deep cuts, whilst also healing rashes. It is used as a collagen facial, internally used for gut cleanses or stomach ulcers. This truly is a first aid staple! We use Chilcuague spray before applying the Dragon's Blood to cuts to clean up the skin first!

Agua Florida: The ultimate shamanic cleanser, used for hundreds of years in Peru as a tool of many uses, helps with emotional processes, for protection, as a ceremonial perfume or to guide those transitioning from this life into the next. A key item for every home and altar. 

Mint Chilcuague: Most commonly used in the mouth for a journey of sensation, it tingles it fizzes, it cleans and it WORKS! We use this daily to keep our mouths and teeth cleaned up! Especially great when travelling or in polluted zones. Use for; general freshness, ulcers, sore throats, toothache, cleaning skin, cuts, soothe itchy bites and so much more!! 

Palo Santo: 'Holy Wood' is a sacred wood used most commonly for cleansing your personal space, your altar, or for use during ceremony. With the aroma and the smoke of this wood it is known that it enables an opening of the doors between the human and the spirit realm, powerful in moments of strong prayer, when you need strength or after a strong experience to bring you will force. A sweet, oily, woody scent. 

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