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Root of the Gods

Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil

Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil

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Origin: Peru Indigenous community


    Pressed from Palo Santo wood in light heat. We strongly support our friends in the Peruvian communities with our work. 


    This Essential oil is very exquisite and highly requested by people who understand well the power of aromatherapy and more the aroma of Palo Santo.  It helps to relax, to feel comfortable and confident. Have a feeling of cleanliness and alertness

    How to use:

    Get your Palo Santo Essential Oil.

    Put a drop on the inside of your wrist and spread it on your neck, temples and even a little on your nose.

    You can also dilute it in massage conductive oil, VAPORIZER, CREAMS, PERFUMES, SHAMPOO, SOAPS, even in the TEMAZCAL water for stones, etc….


    Pure extraction of Palo Santo resin

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