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Root of the Gods

Palo Santo Perfume

Palo Santo Perfume

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Origin: Made with our own hands in Mexico.

Description: Pressed from Palo Santo wood in light heat and a few aromatic touches of other sweet flowers. We strongly support our friends in the Peruvian communities with our work.


This perfume is very exquisite and long lasting.

It is for everyone who is looking for a new and natural way to impregnate their clothes, their person and above all their energy.

Excellent complement with Palo Santo cream and soap. Using them all together will fill you with a beautiful and refreshing aroma and beautiful energy.

How to use:

Get your bottle of Palo Santo Perfume.

And place a single Spray on each side of your neck, shoulders or inside of your wrist.

Or in the desired place. DO NOT APPLY IN EYES.


  • Pure wood maserado Pure
  • Essential oil of Palo Santo
  • Stoved alcohol

Conductive perfume and pure essential oil of Palo Santo

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