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Root of the Gods

Mexican Mini Copalera

Mexican Mini Copalera

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Origin: Central Mexico



Special cup to hold the fire and sacred smoke of your spiritual cleansing. It takes a very important place in the ceremonies of many cultures around the world.

These pieces come from Central Mexico in support of the ISIQUIO family's barreros.


Tool to clean energy.

Use it as an incense base.

Tool to hold embers or charcoal.

How to use:

Get your Copalera.

Get a fast lighting charcoal.

Or some embers from a campfire.

When you have your grill or charcoal well lit on your Copalera. Deposit your copal resin, sage, palo santo, plants and resins you want.



Art based on ancestral original replicas.

Natural pigments, from flowers, seeds and minerals.

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