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Root of the Gods

Mexican White Copal Resin

Mexican White Copal Resin

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Origin: From the southern communities of Mexico


Pure resin from the Copal Tree. Considered a petrified resin in the middle of the process to become a type of Amber.

All this work in direct support for Mexican communities. Since Copal takes an important part in our culture and more important ceremonies.


It is used as an analgesic, expectorant, antispasmodic and disinfectant.

Calming, space cleansing effects

It stimulates emotions and improves mood.

Harmonises and protects at different spiritual levels.

Connect with high vibrations.

Increases personal energy.

How to use:

Get your Copal Resin

Take a small piece and deposit it in your Copalera with embers that we have in this store

Or in the stones of the Temazcal

Or in some container with embers

You can also take a piece the size of a small bubble gum and chew it and chew it about 50 times. Until a completely natural chewing gum is made properly. Without any external materials to the nature of the earth.


Copal resin


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