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  • Retreat: Awaken the Elements, Sussex UK 24th-26th March 2023

    Reunite and rewild, with the most ancient & powerful teachers; the elements. Through ceremony, somatic dance, mind-body activations, education, meditation and music we will enter a collective state of deep connection to free ourselves from stress, tension and trauma. Nourishing our systems with the elements’ infinite life force we will find our most connected self.

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  • Retreat: Fire & Ice, Somerset 1st-3rd September 2023

    Connecting with the elements to detox and shed - rebirthing our truest selves. Working with the powerful elements of Fire & Ice through Temazcal Sweatlodge and Ice Baths, supported by Breathwork and Sound. Curated to break our own cages away and bring us back to liberated freedom - all through the power of nature.

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  • Retreat: Traditional Teonanacatl Mushroom Dieta, Mexico 25th Nov - 2nd Dec 2023

    We will be journeying into the mountains of Oaxaca to sit with the Mazateca altar of María Sabina and sit in ceremony with the daughter of Julieta Casimiro - Doña Eugenia Casimiro for 3 ceremonies with the Niños Santos over the 7 day collective healing immersion.

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