Bespoke Healing Programmes

We offer many tools and services to support your healing and balance, but we also understand that sometimes we cannot find the way out of our programmes alone, sometimes what we are working with is deeply rooted and you may need experienced support.

Our bespoke healing programmes are in response to your unique situation and needs. We usually arrive here if you have a chronic condition, ongoing psychological challenges or feel stuck in a loop and we feel we need to go deeper with you to help you step out of your current programme, overcome a healing crisis and arrive in the healing phase.

This is a totally unique process to you. Usually we start this process by having an introduction call, and inviting you to one of our temazcal sweatlodge ceremonies if possible - so that we can connect, meet, and begin to prepare you for the process.

This does not always stop with Ahau & Robyn. If we feel, this may involve other healers, guides or treatments to support us in your transition to health and balance.

If this feels like you, know that you are not alone, we have dedicated our lives in service and we are here for you, to support you to come back to the comfortable, safe, vibrant home that is within us all.

Contact us to begin your journey home...