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Root of the Gods

White Sage Fat Sticks

White Sage Fat Sticks

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Origin: North of Mexico



It is a plant that inhabits the semi-desert of northern Mexico and deserts of the USA. It is fibrous and capable of conserving water for a long time. It has great importance in the most special ceremonies of the native people of the place, such as the Kumeai.


It is a plant with many gifts.

Known as women's medicine.

Tea: Completely removes menstrual pain and relaxes

Eaten as a species: Stimulant

Incense: Relaxing, energetic cleanser, emotional stabilizer.

How to use:

You get your mallet of Salvia, you take it and on one side you unroll the yarn a little to light that side and use the smoke to spread it in the desired place.

Ingredients: Natural and wild white sage

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