Hapé Initiation & Course 2024

October 07, 2024
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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A 4 day course including a traditional initiation ceremony to immerse you deeply in the knowledge, culture, techniques, preparation, ceremony, plants and more...Deepen your relationship with this sacred medicine, and learn to honour and serve through this powerful altar of the Amazon.

Building a relationship with a plant medicine means that you become a part of them, and they become a part of you...

Welcome to the Happé Initiation.

There's a lot of Happé in our medicine communities, and although we always share as much of the cultural context as possible with you, we still see such a huge lack of understanding supporting this medicine, missing the cultural context, knowledge and tools to do so.
We have been working intensely alongside our teachers in the Brazilian Amazon to develop something which we can all see is very needed - the Hapé Initiation and Training Course.

If you are ready to commit, to create space to practice, be of service and embody the wisdom of this ancestral medicine then APPLY TO JOIN US HERE.

Sharing this experience in a group means that you will be part of a medicine community, experience peer support and learning alongside the main course curriculum.

Hosted by Ahau Samuel & Robyn Leonie, this course is a journey into:







Along with our own lived experiences, ancient and modern research into Hapé medicine have found benefits for:

Sinus Problems
Overactive Mind
Chronic Pain and Tension
Need to Control
Fear of Death
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Helping you with:
Enhanced Connection with all Living Things
Processing Trauma
Support to Express and Cry
Increased Focus
Clearing the Mind
Gut Function
Clearing Flu

and more...

Course Overview

Online Dates:
8 hours in your own time online learning - before the in person days.
4 group and individual coaching sessions following the in-person course.

In-Person Dates:
29th & 30th April // 9-5pm
7th & 8th Oct // 9-5pm

The Lodge Space, London

Ahau Samuel & Robyn Leonie

4 day course (2 days in-person)
Your own Kuripe pipe and Hapé
Online Course Materials
Songs and Prayers
Facilitators Workbook
On-going Mentoring



Day 1: Online Intro, Studies & Preparation - video, audio & written

Day 2: In Person Study & Facilitation Training

Day 3: In Person Ceremony Initiation

Day 4: Online Coaching (4 x 2hr sessions)

Followed by: A compulsory 21 Hapé dieta which you will continue at home, guided by us remotely.



Module 1:
Introduction & Community Pledge

Module 2:
The Traditional Hapé Altar (history, cultural use, philosophy, language, songs and prayers)

Module 3:
Ceremony (honouring the roots, indigenous reciprocity, preparing yourself, holding a ceremony, tools, types of ceremony)

Module 4:
Hapé Medicine (theory of preparation, plant studies, blends, benefits, dosage)

Module 5:
Serving and Holding Space (techniques significance and usage, serving, treatment, healing indicators, safety, contraindications and safe aid tools)

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