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Root of the Gods

Bundle Tepi Hapé Pipe & 10gr Hapé

Bundle Tepi Hapé Pipe & 10gr Hapé

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Origin: Brazil 


Beautiful pieces for the application of rapé made by the Amazonian Communities of Brazil. Kuripes made with traditional colors and shapes, strong and durable materials.


  • It facilitates the application of rapé Medicine for those experts who are starting or already have experience. And can apply to other people in front of them.

How to use: 

  • Get your Txepi. 
  • Deposit some rapé of your choice inside your hand and with the long part of the Txepi take half the amount of rapé you have in your hand. 
  • Put the long part in the nostril of the person in front of you and the short part in your mouth.
  •  Then blow gently but deeply. 
  • And then repeat the same process for the other nostril of the person in front of you.


  • Wood
  • Clay 
  • Waxed thread Handmade
  • Stock

: Upon availability

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