London Vocal Expression Day - 30th June

Join us for a unique day retreat in the enchanting woods of Epping Forest. This immersive experience will delve into the spiritual and cultural significance of using our voices, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of the drum and the shaker. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection, as we explore the transformative power of authentic expression.

Throughout the retreat, we will gather around a warm and inviting fire, creating a sacred space for exploration and growth. Guided by Ahau & Robyn, we will learn ancient techniques and practices that tap into the deep well of our hearts, allowing our voices to resonate with truth and authenticity.

Through a series of workshops, meditations, and group activities, we will uncover the hidden potential within our voices. We will explore the healing qualities of sound, discovering how our vocal expressions can bring balance and harmony to our lives. From chanting and toning to vocal improvisation, we will embrace the freedom of self-expression and unlock the power of our unique voices.

As we connect with the natural surroundings of Epping Forest, we will also honour the cultural heritage and traditions associated with vocal expression. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and ancient wisdom, we will learn about the role of voice in spiritual practices and rituals throughout history.

This retreat is open to individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you are a seasoned vocalist or simply curious about the power of your own voice, this retreat offers a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth.

Join us for a day of self-discovery, connection, and transformation as we explore the profound significance of using our voices from a deep, authentic place within our hearts.

Let's embark on a journey of embodied vocal connection.

Sunday 30th June : 11:00am - 7pm


11:00: Fire Opening and Offering
11:30: Hapé & Chilcuague Circle
12:30: The Roots of the Voice
14:00: Lunch
15:00: Vocal Exploration
16:00: Song Circle
18:00: Sharing & Closing

How much?
Full Price Day Ticket £80

How do I book?
Booking link HERE or at the bottom of the page.

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